UAV (Drone) Consulting Services for Private

 & Government Clients

When you acquire a BRAQ  UAV solution, a long-term relationship begins. In order to operate your solution in the best conditions and it evolves with the evolution of your missions, BRAQ guides you all along the service life of your solution. 

BRAQ Training, Maintenance,

 and R&D departments remain at your disposal anytime.

Our Business Strategy

Who We Are

We are an award-wining Saudi company, First FAA Part 107 and GACA Part 107 certified experts with academic and technical 

specialty in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). 


Our Vision

To become the GCC’s leading company in developing industrial & commercial aerial vehicles and robotics.


To manufacture and market a revolutionary family of aerial vehicles.


To integrate unique and safe Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions in very-low-altitude airspace. 


To be the first privately-held company to operate UAVs on the Red Planet Mars.


     Inspection UAVs

- Oil & Gas                                  - Utilities & Power

- Mining  

- Construction

- Infrastructure 

- Surveillance & Monitoring


         Goods UAVs

- Air Handling

- Emergency Transport 

   (Medicine and Organs)

- Last Mile Express Delivery          - Delivery Network Extension

    (To Remote Areas)

- Cargo Transportation 


     Passenger PAVs

- Personal Intercity Transportation

- On-demand Public Transportation

- eVTOL Aircraft sales.      

- eVTOL  Aircraft Rental

- eVTOL Search & Rescue (SAR)        

- eVTOL Firefighting Operations

 Innovation Cluster 

  Ibn Alhaitham St, Dhahran Techno Valley Science Park, Dhahran 34464, Kingdom of Saudi

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